What are the Preparatory Activities that an EA must do prior to starting enrolments?

Preparatory Stage Activities of an EA
EA must identify their Project & Technology managers who will be part of the Joint Working Group headed by the Head of the Nodal/Registrar Department. Initiation and On-boarding Workshop for EA must organised by Registrar and UIDAI will provide detailed enrolment process & implementation overview. EA must familiarize themselves with Enrolment process and policies including periodic amendments/updates. The scope of work of the Enrolling Agency (EA) includes the following activities:
1. Procure enrolment hardware, software including Biometric Devices as per UIDAI Specifications The enrolling agency should procure enrolment hardware, software including certified biometric devices (for fingerprint and iris capture), used for capture of biometric data at the enrolling station, which conform to UIDAI specifications. EA must procure only those Biometric Devices that are certified by UIDAI or its duly authorized agency. The EAs must also ensure continued technical support by the suppliers for the hardware.
2. Hire & Train Manpower for Enrolment
The Enrolling Agency shall hire manpower, Operators and Supervisors, to operate the enrolment station/centre as per the guidelines prescribed by UIDAI. The enrolling agency must have Technical personnel to provide technical support during enrolment at the enrolment centres. Technical personnel for attending power /system / biometric instrument related maintenance problems should be available on call in a centrally located place covering about six enrolment centres so that the downtime can be minimized. EA must make sure that the Operators and Supervisors are of age 18 years and above. The Operator should be minimum 10+2 pass and should be comfortable using computer. The Supervisor should be minimum 10+2 pass and preferably a Graduate and should have a good understanding and experience in using a computer.
EA must ensure compliance to Labour laws and all statutory provisions in various Labour regulations that is PF, ESI, Industrial Disputes Act, Contract Labour Act and Minimum Wages Act etc.
The personnel should be given mandatory induction training on the various activities and equipment and gadgets involved/used in the enrolment process and resident enrolment, transliteration skills in local language, to enable them to understand and adjust to the local situation. The mandatory induction training shall be compulsory before deployment of the personnel. The EA will inform concerned RO Regional Offices of UIDAI prior to training schedule and will also give a follow-up report.
The enrolment agency shall ensure the availability of the requisite infrastructure for imparting training as per UIDAI guidelines The Operators and Supervisors should have obtained certificate from a testing and certifying agency authorized by UIDAI. Ensure correct certification as per specific roles. A certified Operator cannot work as a Supervisor.
Payments to operators and supervisors should be made preferably to their bank accounts.
3. Enrol Operator/Supervisors and Register and Activate them at UIDAI
Operator /Supervisors must have their Aadhaar numbers generated and certification test passed for getting activated in accordance with UIDAI guidelines prior to commencing enrolments. Do not deploy them for enrolment without the fulfilment of these mandatory requirements.
EA admin user must use unique user IDs for activating their Operator/ Supervisors. Do not use one password for multiple set of Operator IDs. Ensure all details entered are correct on UIDAI technology portal and certification agency’s portal and there is no mismatch.
EA must ensure availability of manpower activated in accordance with Aadhaar guidelines prior to commencing enrolments.
EAs will have to demonstrate that they have certified the active operators, requisite machines and hardware available to be deployed. EAs will have to declare enrolment station deployment plans i.e. when and where the centers will be established. EAs will also demonstrate that they have the requisite supervision infrastructure available. Based on this information, ROs will assess the preparedness of the Registrars and EAs and may then allow the on-boarding of stations.
4. Get established as an Enrolment Agency at UIDAI
The EA must receive their EA code from UIDAI
The EA must ask the Registrar to establish the link between them (Attach EA) at UIDAI
Receive admin password for portal and auth code for client registration from UIDAI
Obtain SFTP account setup and password
5. Ensure that Pin code data for planned enrolment locations is checked in Pin Master of Aadhaar software, and is correct and complete. Review and Report missing/incorrect Pin codes and use Pin code correction process for getting the Pin Numbers corrected.
6. Software Installation, Configuration and Registration
The latest version of Aadhaar Enrolment software client needs to be installed, configured and registered with CIDR. The Enrolment Agency needs Auth User and Auth Code from UIDAI technology team to register its clients.
The person performing the system configuration is typically a representative of the Registrar. Normally the Registrar may ask the EA to perform the installation and configuration. In such a case, the configuration and registration may be done in presence of Registrar’s representatives.
Load and test Pre-enrolment data on enrolment centre laptops / desktops and ensure it is accessible / searchable.
All latest Master Data such as Pin code, Operator credentials, list of documents etc. should be loaded on client
Thorough testing of Aadhaar client working in integration with pre-enrolment data and KYR+ applications, along with local language support, pin code and master data availability
Ensure all Registered stations are active at UIDAI
Ensure Operator/Supervisor/Introducer (OSI) are on boarded on the enrolment stations
7. EA must ensure with Registrar that Aadhaar and KYR+ Enrolment Forms are printed, ready for distribution/distributed to residents. If enrolment forms are distributed and filled in advance, it will help speed up enrolment at the Centre. The enrolment forms can be used as a tool for crowd management by controlled distribution.
The print and paper quality of forms should be ensured as the forms will be stored as per Document Management System.
8. Setting up of Enrolment Centre(EC) and Enrolment Stations (ES)
EA will assist Registrar in developing enrolment schedules. EA will work with the Registrar in identification of suitable enrolment centres at scheduled locations. Once EC are identified, EA must ensure readiness of the EC as per the latest Enrolment Centre Setup Checklist (Annexure 1). The Enrolment Centre Setup Checklist by UIDAI enlists the various requirements at Enrolment Centre and Station level and is to facilitate the EA in planning.
Ensure adequate stationary like paper for printing and other logistics are available at centre
Ensure adequate power and other backup arrangement at enrolment centre
Deploy Hardware, Software for Enrolment. Working of all equipment and application at every station must be tested.
EA must not undertake enrolment operations at locations without valid agreement with the Registrars.
The Enrolment Agencies also need to fill the Enrolment Centre details at UIDAI portal.
EA must adhere to Safety Procedures, Rules, Regulations, & Restrictions and shall comply with the provisions of all laws including safety and labour laws, rules, regulations and notifications issued there under from time to time. EA shall take all measures necessary or proper to protect the personnel and facilities and shall observe all reasonable safety rules and instructions.
9. Contact Centre information filled
EA must fill the forms with information required by UIDAI Contact Centre and submit. This information pertains to EA contacts at EC, Enrolment Centre address and working hours etc.
10. Help Create Awareness
Enrolment Agency needs to work with the Registrar in communication and generating resident awareness at grass root level. Prior to the commencement of the Enrolment operations the Enrolment Agency shall work closely with the local governing bodies, key introducers in publicizing the Aadhaar, its importance and schedule for Aadhaar registration in that location. EA must prominently display important information relating to consent and operator responsibilities inside the enrolment centres.
The role of the enrolment agency should be limited to publicising the content provided by the UIDAI/ Registrars. The EA should not add to / modify /delete the content provided by Registrar/ UIDAI.