What are the UIDAI Guidelines for Demographic Data Capture?

Demographic Data Capture Guidelines:

  • Enter the Demographic details of the resident from the verified Enrolment/Update Form.
  • In case of Aadhaar Update, only the fields which need to be updated should be marked and filled.
  • Encourage the resident to add mobile number and email ID in the form, for UIDAI to get in touch with the resident using these details.
  • Pay attention to Data Aesthetics during demographic data capture. Avoid improper use of spaces, punctuation marks, capital & small letters during data capture.
  • Avoid use of un-parliamentary language & transliteration error.
  • Leave those non-mandatory fields blank where no data is provided by resident. Do not enter N/A, NA etc. in fields where Resident has not provided any data.
  • Filling Father / Mother / Husband / Wife / Guardian field is not mandatory for residents above the age of 5 years in case the adult is not in a position or does not want to disclose. Then select checkbox “Not Given” in “Relationship to Resident”.
  • In case of children below the age of 5 years one of the parents’ or guardian’s name and Aadhaar Number shall be mandatorily recorded.
  • It is not compulsory for only father’s name to be recorded against the ‘parent’s name.’ Mother’s name can alone be recorded for the ‘parent’s guardian’s’ name if so desired by the parent.
  • Enrolment of the parent is mandatory prior to the child. If the child’s father /mother / guardian has not Enroled or does not possess Aadhaar Number at the time of enrolment, the enrolment of that child cannot be done.
  • For Head of Family (HoF) based verification Name, Aadhaar Number of HoF and Relationship Details of the family member to HoF are mandatory details to be entered.