Who is a Supervisor and what are his/her qualifications?

A Supervisor is employed by an Enrolment Agency to operate and manage enrolment centres. It is mandatory to have one Supervisor at each Enrolment Centre. To qualify for this role, the person should satisfy the following criteria:

The person should be of age 18 years and above

  • The person shall be 10+2 pass and should preferably be a graduate
  • The person should have been Enroled for Aadhaar and his/her Aadhaar number should have been generated.
  • The person should have a good understanding and experience of using a computer
  • The person should have obtained “Supervisor Certificate” from a Testing and Certification Agency appointed by UIDAI.

Before starting work as a Supervisor:

  • The person must be engaged and activated by any Enrolment Agency in accordance with UIDAI guidelines prior to commencing enrolments.
  • The person should have undergone Training Session conducted by Regional Offices/Enrolment Agency on Aadhaar Enrolment/Update Processes and various equipment and devices used during Aadhaar enrolment.
  • The person should have read the complete Training Material on Aadhaar Enrolment/Update available on UIDAI website before giving the certification exam.
  • The person should be comfortable with local language keyboard and transliteration