Aadhaar Online Services

How to share this Paperless Offline eKYC document with the service provider?keyboard_arrow_down
How will service providers use Aadhaar Offline e-KYC?keyboard_arrow_down
Can this Offline Paperless eKYC document be shared to other entities by the Service Provider?keyboard_arrow_down
How this Aadhaar Offline Paperless eKYC document is different from the other identification documents produced offline by residents?keyboard_arrow_down
Where can I find the Public Certificate for Digital Signature validation?keyboard_arrow_down
Who and when to lock Biometrics?keyboard_arrow_down
How to Unlock (locked)Biometrics?keyboard_arrow_down
What happens when Biometric is locked?keyboard_arrow_down
What Biometric can be locked?keyboard_arrow_down
What is Biometric Locking?keyboard_arrow_down
I forgot my VID. How can I get it after locking UID?keyboard_arrow_down
How can resident Unlock UID?keyboard_arrow_down
How can resident Lock UID?keyboard_arrow_down
What is UID Lock & Unlock? keyboard_arrow_down
What is Aadhaar SMS Service? keyboard_arrow_down
Do I need to generate OTP for all Aadhaar SMS services?keyboard_arrow_down
How to Lock/Unlock Aadhaar Number with SMS service?keyboard_arrow_down
What is Virtual ID?keyboard_arrow_down
What does Lock/Unlock Aadhaar mean?keyboard_arrow_down
My SMS is not being sent. What should I do?keyboard_arrow_down
What are the different forms of Aadhaar and what are their features?keyboard_arrow_down
Can I choose to have and use any form of Aadhaar?keyboard_arrow_down
What is “Order Aadhaar PVC Card” service?keyboard_arrow_down
What are the security features of “Aadhaar PVC Card”?keyboard_arrow_down
What are the charges to be paid for “Aadhaar PVC Card”?keyboard_arrow_down
How one can raise the request for “Aadhaar PVC Card”?keyboard_arrow_down
How to raise request using Registered Mobile Number?keyboard_arrow_down
How to raise request using Non-Registered/Alternate Mobile Number?keyboard_arrow_down
Which modes are available to make the payment?keyboard_arrow_down
What is SRN?keyboard_arrow_down
What is AWB number?keyboard_arrow_down
What if residents want to get the Aadhaar PVC Card printed with the details that they want?keyboard_arrow_down
How many days will it take to receive “Aadhaar PVC Card” after creating successful request?keyboard_arrow_down
How Aadhaar PVC Card is different from Aadhaar Letter?keyboard_arrow_down