What are the Document Scanning Guidelines of UIDAI?

The Operator will scan Originals of each of the documents below depending on the type of enrolment:

  • Enrolment Form – For each Enrolment
  • PoI, PoA – For document based enrolments
  • DoB document – For Verified Date of Birth
  • PoR – For Head of Family Based Enrolments
  • Acknowledgement cum Consent – For each Enrolment after Operator and Resident’s signature
  • In instances where Original documents are not available, copies attested / certified by a public notary / gazetted officer will be accepted.
  • The documents are scanned in a sequence and all document scans are standard size (A4).
  • Make sure that the desired portions (the data entered during Aadhaar enrolment) of the document are visible clearly in the scan and the document pages do not overlap.
  • Each scanned page must be legible and without any marks due to dust and scratches. Remove the previous scan and re- scan a document where required.
  • Once all document pages are scanned, the Operator can see and check the total no. of pages scanned and confirm that all pages are scanned.
  • Return all the original documents and Enrolment Form to the resident. Also handover the acknowledgement cum Consent to the Resident.