How does the Operator Review Data with the Resident?

The Operator must show the data entered to the resident on a monitor facing the resident and if required, read out the content to the enrollee, to ensure that all details captured are correct. During Review of the enrolment data with resident, Operator must read out critical fields to the resident before the Operator Finishes the Enrolment.

  • The Operator must reconfirm the following fields:
    • Spellings of Resident’s Name
    • Correct Gender
    • Correct Age/Date of Birth
    • Address – Pin Code; Building; Village/ Town /City; District; State
    • Relationship Details – Parent/Spouse/Guardian ; Relative Name
    • Accuracy and Clarity of Photograph of the resident
    • Mobile Number & Email ID
  • In case of any errors, Operator must correct recorded data and review again with the resident. If no corrections are required, resident will approve the data.